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It’s a no ring, ping thing…

I think we should have an international No FNoise Day where we turn off all the things which ring, ding, bing, ping, zing and vibrate to get our attention. I spring cleaned the Notifications on my iPhone because it seems to spend all day alerting me to things I really didn’t need to know but […]

No time to make todo lists!

It’s no joke is it! The very time when you need the structure and calm of knowing what needs doing and in what order is when you’re most under pressure.

Is there a solution? Actually I think there is… it’s called Getting Things Done or GTD. It was created by a clever chap called David Allen and is better than the old fashioned to do list in several ways.

Get things wrong: set a deadline.

I worked on Millennium Bug projects so I can appreciate a genuine deadline when I see one (let’s skip the fact it was either mostly a waste of time and money or a spectacular success which saved us all from disaster). ¬†Given the collective legislative incontinence of governments worldwide there are often regulatory deadlines to […]

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